QPS: Police are still hunting for the fugitives.
QPS: Police are still hunting for the fugitives. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Fugitives cause Dirranbandi disturbance

Update: The search has resumed, with police establishing roadblocks 50km north of Dirranbandi at midday.

Property owners are being warned to lock all vehicles in the vicinity, with new sightings of the men outside town.

There are currently police and helicopters tracking the men.

Earlier: QUEENSLAND and New South Wales police are still hot on the trail of two fugitives, on the run outside Dirranbandi.

The police are appealing for public assistance to locate Bruce Dyball, 29, and Luke Jones, 27, both suspects in a spate of break and enters in the Mungindi area.

Dirranbandi residents took to social media to report a disturbance at approximately 6.30pm last night, stating that a number of roads into to town from St George had been barred by police.

Residents reported sightings of one fugitive on foot east of the town, noting that other emergency services were assisting in the search at around 9.30pm.

Some also reported receiving a warning from local police at the weekend, urging vigilance in the area.

Police had tracked the suspects throughout the day- the chase reportedly went from Skibbereen out though Hebel, before the suspects ran into the thick bush at Cubbie station. They were later sighted near Noondoo.

Dyball is wanted on an outstanding Queensland warrant for revocation of his parole.

He is described as being of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander appearance, 180cm tall, with a fair complexion, slim build and brown hair.

Officers attached to New England Police District believe Dyball may be travelling with Luke Jones.

He is described as being of Caucasian appearance, 170cm tall, medium build with brown hair and blue eyes.

It is believed the two men are still in the vicinity of the NSW and Queensland border.

Queensland and New South Wales police say they may use aircraft to continue searching for the offenders.

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