Five US paratroopers injured in Talisman Sabre training

EVEN training exercises can be treacherous.

It got a bit intense for five US soldiers who were injured during military training exercises at Shoalwater Bay on Wednesday.

An Australian Defence Force spokesman yesterday confirmed five US military paratroopers, who were dropped into Shoalwater Bay on Wednesday after a 16-hour flight from Alaska, had been injured during exercise routines.

However, the spokesman said the injuries were non-life threatening.

Although he could not confirm, the Morning Bulletin understands the soldiers were transported to Rockhampton Hospital for treatment.

More than 9000 Australian, New Zealand and US soldiers are taking part in Talisman Sabre exercises at Shoalwater Bay.

Yesterday was the start of Exercise Hamel, which involved 7th brigade troops from Brisbane. They were in training combat against the 3rd brigade unit from Townsville.

That training exercise was expected to wrap-up next weekend.

About 30,000 military personnel from the US, Australia, NZ and Japan are in Australia for Talisman Sabre exercises in Central Queensland and Darwin.

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