Rebecca Davis had her heart broken when she learnt of her break-up with farmer Gavin Pahlke in the pages of TV Week.
Rebecca Davis had her heart broken when she learnt of her break-up with farmer Gavin Pahlke in the pages of TV Week. Channel Nine

Farmer not sure what he wants

THE television romance is over for the Sunshine Coast’s favourite farmer’s wife after she read about her own break‑up in the pages of a magazine.

Rebecca Davis, a 45‑year‑old commercial banking assistant manager, admits “my heart is broken” after making the shocking discovery of a TV Week interview with former boyfriend Gavin Pahlke.

The Farmer Wants a Wife update of the six romances from season four is headlined with a photograph where three shattered hearts are placed over couples who hadn’t gone the distance.

One of them was Rebecca and Gavin.

Gavin is reported in the article as saying the pair were at a “standstill/stop/don’t know” phase.

It was news to Rebecca.

“I can’t quite believe it. I read all the stories saying we were broken up, but Gavin just kept saying that he hated the media and I thought he wanted to lay low,” Rebecca said.

“Yes, I loved him. Yes, my heart is broken,” she said, her eyes filling with tears.

Rebecca said the couple spent every weekend of three months together at Gavin’s sugar cane farm in Norwell, 33 kilometres north of the Gold Coast.

She said they visited the church made famous in the series, and Rebecca was even requested to perform a reading.

The honour is only bestowed on members of the community.

“Gavin often brought up marriage and the fact that we would still be visiting the same church when we were 80,” the Sippy Downs mum said.

She said she spoke to Gavin on the telephone after reading the magazine interview this week.

“He simply said that he did not want to break up with me and that he had to sort out things in his life. He said he was afraid of getting hurt or hurting me,” Rebecca said.

“Things are very black and white for me. You either want to be with someone or you don’t and that’s when I decided that this was not the kind of relationship that I wanted to be in anymore.”

The mother‑of‑one said her son Freedom, 15, had approved of his mother’s first boyfriend in 14 years.

Now Rebecca says the man in her life thinks she deserves better.

She says she was always treated well by Gavin, and hopes they can be friends sometime in the distant future.

The Daily contacted Gavin Thursday, but he did not respond to requests for an interview.

Rebecca, who keeps in contact with many of the women contestants, is one of four couples who have now split out of the six who finished the series last week together.

Victoria farmer Phil has also split with his love Jenny since TV Week hit stands, according to Rebecca.

NSW farmers Brad and Scott remain with their ladies.

“My life is fairly full of love with friends,” she said.

“I do sometimes think that a romance love is missing, but I want someone who has built a life of his own as I have.”

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