Brett Wortman

Facebooking photos of friends’ kids – okay or a no-no?

I UNDERSTAND that normal practice these days is to share everything and anything on social media but what about photos of someone else's child?

We made the decision before our son was born, 10 months ago, that we wouldn't put any photos of him on social media.

And until recently, I could proudly say there is not one photo of my son online.

But then we went to a birthday lunch and the next day photos of him started appearing on Facebook and Instagram.

Understandably, these friends didn't know and promptly removed the photos when I asked.

But it left me asking: what is the etiquette around posting photos of other people's children online?

I know I wouldn't post a photo of someone else's child without their permission but then as the head of social media for APN ARM, I understand the legalities of children and media.

But would you seek permission before posting a photo of someone else's child on social media? And where do you stand on photos of children online?


​* Alexia Purcell is APN ARM social media co-ordinator

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