Eyes on the road

EVERY truck needs a dash camera.

Recently police have used dash cam footage one truckie had, when he was involved in a fatal crash on the Warrego Hwy 2km west of Bowenville.

In that situation, a Prius driven by a 54-year-old swerved into the path of the Caltex fuel tanker on August 5, just after midnight.

Marcus Hoare from OnSiteCameras said dash cams are essential in protecting drivers from all sorts of situations.

"Anything from keeping your job after a vexatious complaint to your boss from a member of the public, keeping your insurance premiums and payouts low, and avoiding fines/charges for poor driving when you weren't at fault," he said.

"For the sake of $200-$300 for a decent and quality dash cam, just one minor incident will repay the price of the camera and possibly save your job."

Some insurance companies also rebate drivers who install quality cameras in their trucks.

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