Expectant dads to pub

SO WHAT do you do to prepare for the birth of your child if you're a man?

You go to the pub, that's what.

Beer + Bubs is a new concept in prenatal classes that has men going to the pub.

This one-night session held in local pubs was developed by Sydney-based childbirth educator, Lucy Perry.

"I could see that dads really wanted to be involved in the births of their babies. They just didn't know how," Lucy said. "But they like the idea of heading to the pub with a bunch of other men who are in the same boat as them."

Beer + Bubs will be launched on the Northern Rivers at the Byron Bay Brewery on October 29.

"Most men attend the birth of their child these days," facilitator (and 'dadvocate') Darren Mattock told The Echo. "The idea is to get them into a male-friendly environment to prepare them for their child's birth."

The two-and-a-half-hour session covers what to say and what not to say during childbirth, tips on how to be an advocate for the birthing mother, practical tips on pain management as well as specific recommendations on how to support a woman through each stage of labour.

"Dads are more important than the medical team in providing mental support to their partner. We can also give practical support during the birth," Darren said.

So, what don't you say during childbirth?

"You don't say 'relax'. Or compare it to your appendicitis," Darren said.

For more info check out www.beerandbubs

.com.au or phone Darren on 0429 023 610.

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