Evolution is very slow

Evolution is very slow.

If we were a more evolved species, we wouldn't do the crazy, self-defeating things we do, whether in our personal or in our collective, public lives.

We wouldn't stuff up our planet for short-term gain.

We would wisely conserve our resources, heeding the wisdom of the elders, unto the seventh generation.

We wouldn't persuade our citizens to engage in warfare with other nations, by telling them bare-faced lies.

We wouldn't do doughnuts on other people's sporting fields (see page 35). Because your sporting field would mean as much to me as if it were my own. Even though I'm not big into sport.

When we've evolved a bit more, maybe we won't keep repeating the same old mistakes, get stuck in bad habits, hurt our lovers or betray our friends.

Given time, our species will evolve - nothing is more certain. But most of our wisest commentators are saying with one voice: We haven't got much time to turn this thing around.

And how will we evolve? Will we have microchips in our brains to remind us not to do anything really stupid - maybe making red lights flash on and off when we think about digging up uranium or fracking for gas?

Or will we take the path of less resistance, and evolve to become immune to poisonous water and the effects of radiation, taking on board the germ theory that advocates more exposure to germs for optimum immunity?

We are arguably a little less superstitious than our caveperson forebears - that's a benefit of the evolution we have enjoyed that has brought us to this point. We've developed scientific and rational explanations for many of the mysteries of the cosmos, rendering us less subject to fanciful imaginings about the origin of life and silly ideas about who's running the show.

So will our evolution take us away from blind belief in a man in Rome who wears a ridiculous pointy hat, talks daily to an invisible sky-person, and believes it's OK to cover up for his wicked henchman (in black dresses) who interfere with little children?

Will evolution liberate the teeming populations of third-world countries who also are persuaded to talk to that same invisible sky-person, and who somehow all hear the same message, telling them to make lots more little children and never to do anything that might prevent that, because not to make babies if you can would be a sin?

Will evolution deliver us from that evil?


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