Aglaonema modestum or Chinese evergreen has green and red leaf.
Aglaonema modestum or Chinese evergreen has green and red leaf. eaglesky

Evergreen has a flair for the dramatic

If you're after an indoor plant with interesting or dramatic foliage colour, then look for Chinese evergreen (aglaonema spp) in your local nursery.

It comes in a dazzling range of leaf colours and patterns and creates a lovely contrast when grown in among dark green indoor plants or makes a beautiful statement all on its own.

To keep your indoor Chinese evergreen flourishing:

Choose a well-drained pot and use good quality potting mix.

Position the pot in a warm, brightly lit room, away from direct sunlight.

Allow the potting mix to dry out slightly in between watering.

Chinese evergreens love a humid environment, so sit the pot on a layer of pebbles in a tray or saucer and regularly add water so the pebbles are almost covered but the pot sits above the water.

Feed plants from spring to autumn to encourage leaf growth.

Chinese evergreen may be toxic to pets if ingested, so keep them out of the reach of inquisitive cats and dogs.

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