Northern Star journalist and Lismore Echo columnist, Alison Paterson.
Northern Star journalist and Lismore Echo columnist, Alison Paterson. Alison Paterson

Escape the screens and let's get cycling

THERE'S not many places you can escape technology these days, but two wheels is one of them.

Ever noticed how too many people are glued to their screens as they walk down the street, sit in cafes or push a trolley in the supermarket?

And don't get me started on drivers who text while in control of a vehicle travelling at 60km/h.

As a journalist I'm checking my mobile from 6am each work day in case of breaking news or incidents to follow until I sign off for the day.

When it comes to time off, I aim to escape the digital world as best I can.

Sure, when I jump on my road bike for a tootle on the hills around the fair city of Lismore, along with a snack, my phone is in snug in my back-jersey pocket.

But it's there more in case I get a flat and need to call the Kiltman who runs a 24 hour collect and repair service, not to check social media for... whatever.

Yes, I do have a bike computer which records my distance, time and probably my heart beat if I ever get around to connecting it up to the gizmo which does this but is still in the box.

And while I respect cyclists, who connect their bike computer to the online programs which allow everyone to see how fast they smashed their route or rode to the top of a tough climb, I'm content to keep to myself.

Taking time out from your work / study / family / home renovation / social media / (insert your current time-consuming issue) no matter how fantastic, is vital because we all need time away from a phone, computer or TV screen.

Particularly if it involves exercise - all that fresh air, sweat and a different environment keeps your body and mind pumping.

And the memory of a fast ride or a slow jaunt helps you get though the more mundane elements of life.

Getting out there on two wheels keeps your hands off your phone, gives your mind a refreshing break and your body a rejuvenating influx of oxygen.

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