End of an era for The Echo


WE'RE moving.

After 19 years in this building in Molesworth St, The Echo is moving up the hill to the Northern Star Media Centre at Goonellabah.

As we put together this edition, people are working their way through years of collected detritus lying around the office.


Decisions are being made about what will make the move and what will find its final resting place in the skip or recycling bin downstairs.


Former Echo owner and general manager Heather Williams has been in to pick over the bones of the carcass, discovering some laminated sheets of old photos.

"Back in the days of film, if ever there were a couple of shots left on a roll we'd take photos of the staff," she said. We laughed at how many hairstyles she'd had over the years, some of which I think she'd prefer weren't captured on film.

She left fighting back the tears.

S Sorrensen dropped by to collect some mail.

"Eight and half years I spent in this office," he said.

"You get less for armed robbery," I replied.

But there's no denying that we are going to miss the place.

Memories attach themselves to places and leaving them behind can be hard.

I've been here about four and half years and there are lots of things I'm going to miss.

Like wandering up to the pie cart for a pie with potato and gravy (walking up and back to have a sit down meal and a chat takes me less than 10 minutes).

Or our Monday 'staff bonding' lunches where we check out the various pub and cafe specials (you can eat well in this town for under $10).

Or walking across the road to do laps in the Memorial Baths after work.

But change is coming and so are the removalists.

Boxes of old photos, discs and hard copies of the paper are being packed, ready to be archived somewhere new.

Hundreds and hundreds of old newspapers are being binned, or making their way to the back of my car where they will eventually be turned into garden mulch.

And that's the nature of things (particularly newspapers); here today, gone tomorrow.

The Echo has had several homes in its history.

Those with long memories will remember it being located in the old Terania Council chambers and its first home was upstairs in Magellan St.

It will continue to report on and reflect what is going on in our community, but a little piece of our history is ending.

To contact The Echo from next week, the numbers to call are 6620 0538 for Andy Parks, 6620 0424 for Dominic Feain and 6620 0593 for Mick Daley at The Scene.

For all other enquiries phone 6620 0500.

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