Emily's pedalling for peace

Emily Alexander from Tuntable Creek is pedalling for peace. She’ll be cycling from Sydney to Melbourne on November 24 with three other teenagers as part of a mission to promote religious and cultural awareness.

“I’m of the Baha’i faith and the others I’ll be riding with are Christian, Jewish and Muslim,” Emily said. “Baha’is believe that everything is one – one planet, one people is what we say.

“This journey is an ideal opportunity for me to put my beliefs into action and turn my words into deeds. By the end of it, I’ll be close friends with the other riders from different religions and we can show the world that we can overcome potential prejudices.

“For me, the entire problem with the world is the lack of togetherness, unity and diversity. I want to raise awareness and enable people to understand that we all have to work together.”

Once they arrive in Melbourne, the group will attend the Parliament of World Religions, which is held once every five years.

“This year it’s being held in Australia and it’s going to be the biggest one yet with 11,000 people attending,” Emily said.

The group will cycle about four hours every day and then stop and conduct educational programs at schools along the way.

“We have two support crew and they are both student filmmakers,” she said. “They’ll drive us to the schools and be filming us all the time. Then they’ll make a movie about the trip which we’ll show at the Parliament of World Religions.”

Each of the riders has to raise $1000 in funds for the trip and Emily is looking for contributions. To make a donation, visit www.everydayhero.com.au

/pedallingforpeace and follow the link to Emily’s name. Alternatively, you can email her at emilyralexander@googlemail.com.

A garage sale will also be held this Saturday, November 14, at 12 Eden St, East Lismore, to raise money for the trip.

“There is an environmental aspect to this trip too,” she said. “The whole trip is carbon neutral and will be offset by a company we’ve paid money to. I’m not a professional bike rider but I’m enthusiastic – there’s more to this trip than just the ride,” she said. “I’ve been training to get into shape for the journey. It’s a big physical challenge for me, but I know there’s a support crew there the whole way.”

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