Embracing the change

THEY say change is the only constant in life. Well we are going through quite a few changes here at The Echo at the moment.

In recent weeks we have said goodbye to designer Steve Cox and journalist Jennie Dell.

Now added to the ranks of the departed is sales manager Mark Robinson who spent 16 years pounding the streets, building up relationships with businesses and getting them to spend their advertising dollars with The Echo. He was as reliable as clockwork and will be missed by both Echo staff and his clients.

Also leaving us is Liina Flynn who worked one day a week as a journo for the past couple of years, and prior to that filled in whenever anyone was away.

She is a true professional and a great personality to have in the office.

Joining us is Dominic Feain who actually started at The Echo in 2007.

He brings with him a skill set and a willingness to breathe fresh life into our website and Facebook page, which I have to admit, have been a bit of an afterthought from the main game of producing a newspaper.

Until now.

The way people access news and information has fundamentally changed and newspapers around the world are struggling to keep up. But research suggests that free community newspapers that really engage and reflect their communities through "hyper-local" content are in a better position than most paid dailies.

Hopefully we can continue to find new ways to be relevant to the lives of our readers, wherever they choose to read us.

The shake-up that is happening at The Echo is part of a shake-up across the industry.

In this brave new world there will be major changes to the way our newsroom operates, but we are still working out the nuts and bolts so we can bring you the best community paper possible on a weekly basis.

Change is not always an easy thing and I am embracing the future with an open mind.

If you value The Echo, please support us by supporting our advertisers and letting me know if there are things you'd like to see in your community paper.

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