Duty Senator for Cowper condemns $1.7bill in education spending cuts.
Duty Senator for Cowper condemns $1.7bill in education spending cuts. Thinkstock

Education cuts condemned by Labor

DUTY Senator for Cowper, Matt Thistlethwaite, has condemned the Liberal cuts to local schools.

On Tuesday the State government announced $1.7 billion in education spending cuts.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli said savings measures in the education sector that include axing 1800 jobs over four years as well as 800 positions will go from TAFE colleges across the state.

Senator Thistlethwaite said these cuts were a hark back to a long gone era.

"This is the biggest cut to education in 20 years - since the last time the Liberals were in Government in NSW," Sen. Thistlethwaite said.

"Whenever a Liberal Premier picks up an axe - schools are first to face the chop. Every child in every local school will feel the pain of the Liberal Party's savage cuts.

"They're freezing funding to every single local Catholic and Independent school.

"The Gillard Government has a plan to improve local schools - the Liberals have a plan to destroy local schools with their savage cuts."

The Senator predicted these cuts were a curtain raiser for Tony Abbott's plans to slash funding to schools should the Coalition be voted into Federal Parliament next year.

"Massive cuts to education like these are the MO of the Liberal Party," he said.

"It is a pattern of behaviour in the Liberal Party. We know Tony Abbott was briefed by the NSW Liberals on the education cuts.

"This is vintage Liberal - slash and burn schools and services for families.

"These State cuts to schools are just a curtain raiser for what Tony Abbott has in store. Get set for your kids' school fees to increase.

"We know he wants to sack one in seven teachers, we know he wants to cut Trades Training Centres.

"What really frightens me, and what should frighten every parent and every teacher in Cowper - are the cuts we don't know about yet."

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