My Kitchen Rules contestants Drasko and Bianca.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Drasko and Bianca. Channel 7

Drasko and Bianca’s ultimate restaurant fiasco

DRASKO and Bianca were their own worst enemies on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

The ambitious Perth couple was the first of the final five teams to host their ultimate instant restaurant.

Drasko has made no secret of his ambitions to become a chef, but he and fiancé Bianca didn't come close to their lofty goal of earning a perfect score from the judges.

After running around Perth to shop for a three-page list of ingredients for their six-course menu, they lost an hour of their prep time.

Their tardiness meant the flavours of Bianca's pho didn't have time to develop and a rushed Drasko overcooked the scallops.

But instead of "stepping it up a notch", as judge Pete Evans requested, Bianca and Drasko took three hours to serve their main courses.

Evans and the other teams who ordered the quail were disappointed with the size of the dish.

 "Unfortunately the quail by itself with three slices of raw mushroom on there it was even a small entrée," Evans said.

"A mistake like this can send you home."

But Manu Feildel boosted Drasko's confidence with his feedback on the well-cooked veal.

 "I've got to say for some amateur cooks I'm just blown away by your sense of creativity," he said.

"I think you've got talent to become a great chef."

Unfortunately dessert was the low point of the evening.

Both dishes were small and the curd of their first-date inspired lemon tart was served with crumbled pastry after it failed to set.

"Guys I'm sorry but you know it's a disaster," Evans said.

"I hate to do it, but the score I give your a dessert is a one."

Bianca and Drasko will now have to wait for the other four teams to cook before the team with the lowest score is eliminated.

"We're shattered, not because it's been a long evening but because we've put our heart and soul into every one of those dishes," Drasko said.

Fellow Perth residents Eva and Debra will cook tomorrow night.


Drasko and Bianca's menu

Entrée: Bianca's Pho Bo with homemade rice noodles

Entrée: Seared scallops with chestnut Veloute

Main: Veal with truffled pine nut puree and crispy zucchini flowers

Main: Tea-smoked quail with mushroom cream

Dessert: First date lemon tart

Dessert: Chocolate Delice with mandarin caviar 

Score: 51

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