Grocery advice: Bulk buy and stick to your shopping list

BULK buying when possible and shopping around to get the best bargains are among the ways Ipswich families are saving on their grocery bill.

When the QT asked its Facebook fans for their tips to save on the grocery bill, many readers agreed avoiding impulse shopping was the way to save.

"I have a weekly dinner 'menu' and I buy only what we need for dinners and lunches," Katrina Woods said.

"Breakfast we always have the same thing - cereal.

"It is always good to keep an eye on specials because you a few different places if needed."


Sheryn Williams said she concentrated as much on the ethics of a product as its price.

"Fortunately for me I can now better afford to be more ethically-driven than dollar-driven in my choices," she said.

"Unfortunately, it's taken almost half a century to get to this point though."

Other readers suggest markets and stores such as Costco or Harvest Rain to find the savings.

"I stock up at Costco for non-perishables," Melissa Klimo said.

"It is about knowing your prices and what you will use up in time."

"I also use the local Saturday markets for fresh produce as well."

Cam Jay also suggested shopping at markets and buying 'imperfect' veggies to shave the dollars off the food bill.

"Local flea markets are great too, often cheaper and home-grown," he said.

"Freezing a lot of foods, including bread, reduces wastage by it not spoiling before being consumed."

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