Some users suggesting she was
Some users suggesting she was "rude" for expecting to turn up to a wedding empty-handed. Mike Knott

Does no wedding gift list mean no present?

A MUMSNET user has been blasted for suggesting couples who don't provide a wedding list or include a request for cash don't expect to be given presents.

Her post on the AIBU (Am I Being Unreasonable) thread sparked a mass debate on the site, with some users suggesting she was "rude" for expecting to turn up empty-handed.

The Mumsnetter, who goes by the username Bostin, asked: "AIBU to think that if you do not provide a wedding list or include a request for cash as you have already set up home (as most couples these days) or even a dodgy poem, then you are not expecting to be bought a gift or given a sum of money?"


The first response came in a minute later, with a user simply writing: "YABU (You Are Being Unreasonable)".

Another posted: "Some people actually think it's bad manners to provide a list or ask for money. They wait until people offer."

While one pointed out: "Of course people don't expect one but what are you implying? Have you received an invite without a list and are hoping to turn up without something? Very rude if you are.

Does no wedding gift list mean no present?

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"Should birthday invites etc also include lists?"

Another one commented: "YABU. We didn't include a wedding list or mention gifts in our invitation in any way.

"My mother would have considered it the very height of bad manners. Everyone gave us a gift."

Bostin explained that she didn't ask for anything for her wedding and did receive some gifts, but not from all her guests which was "fine as we didn't expect anything".


She added: "Because I didn't ask for gifts and didn't expect any, I thought that when others don't ask for anything then that meant they felt the same as me."

Bostin also acknowledged: "A discussion this evening has led me to believe that I may be unusual in this viewpoint."

Many Mumsnet users pointed out that a wedding shouldn't be a "gift grab".

And another quipped: "It's not, 'If you don't ask for a gift, it means you don't want one'. That's not how gifts work."

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