Disgraced Hasil wants to work as a doctor

Dr Roman Hasil.
Dr Roman Hasil. Video still courtesy of NZTV1, New Zealand

DISGRACED obstetrician Roman Hasil is pleading to be allowed to work as a doctor again, and says it's not fair he's being portrayed as "worse than Hitler" by media.

Hasil, 57, was the subject of at least 15 serious complaints from his time at the Lismore Base Hospital from 2001 to 2005.

In 2008, New Zealand's Health and Disability Commissioner released a report which revealed Hasil botched eight of 32 sterilisations while drunk on duty.

The NSW Medical Tribunal met on Wednesday for a hearing to decide whether he should be disqualified from practising medicine because of a mental impairment.

The hearing was told Hasil suffered from a brain injury, making him unfit to practise.

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday quoted Hasil as telling the tribunal some of the allegations made against him, particularly in the media, were unfair.

"(From) some of the things on the internet - they will get the idea I'm worse than Hitler," he said.

"Well it's not fair."

He asked the tribunal not to see "only one side of things".

"Never things are white and black.

"For 30 years I'm a doctor, I can't do anything else," he said.

The tribunal reserved its decision.

Hasil has not been registered to practise since February when he was declared by the NSW Medical Tribunal to be unfit because of a brain injury suffered in a fall.

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