Sophie Moeller
Sophie Moeller Contributed

Discipline makes you healthy, but it's boring

IT IS Melbourne Cup Week and there were many cracking out the champers in celebration of the fact that even most employers paused for half an hour to watch this very Australian horse race.

How important it is to pause, dress up to mark the occasion, and just have some good old-fashioned fun from time to time.

The Our Kids ladies have just sent me a whole host of pics from their lunch.

Make sure you check out their spectacular frocks in next week's Echo.

But this brings me to the 'B' word - 'balance'.

It is the holy grail of life and yet I have come to find it annoying.

I recently went off the grog and, I have to admit, felt so much clearer in the head.

But I would so much rather be able to have a few drinks each night, sleep really well, eat whatever I want and remain sleek as a thoroughbred.

New research has now proven obesity causes cancer.

The problem is: in order to stay slim, once in middle age anyway, you can basically eat nothing.

The options are to be sated and unhealthy, or thin and hangry.

Balance, let's face it, is basically a euphemism for discipline.

For this week anyway, I am safe from over-indulging.

My horse didn't come in on Cup Day.

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