Corinne and David are laughing off their
Corinne and David are laughing off their "baddie" label. Andrew Watson

David and Corinne: We're not the My Kitchen Rules baddies

MY KITCHEN Rules "baddies" David and Corinne are having a laugh about how they've been portrayed on the show.

The Cairns couple says their supposed nastiness at the dinner table, including David being branded the "smiling assassin", all comes down to clever editing.

"Corinne has not got a nasty bone in her body. The editing is very, very clever," bank manager David told APN.

"There was one instance at Harry and Christo's instant restaurant where I said 'who killed the food' and I was actually talking about the boys going hunting.

"I don't mind being made out to look like the baddie… at the end of the day we do laugh about it."

David and Corinne snap a selfie during Uel and Shannelle's instant restaurant in Sydney.
David and Corinne snap a selfie during Uel and Shannelle's instant restaurant in Sydney. Channel 7

But the 53-year-old does have an issue with the way he was portrayed during Tassie team Bianca and Thalia's instant restaurant on Tuesday night.

"Those girls, I've said on many occasions, give me faith in Australians going forward," he said.

"I didn't like that. We gave them a score of eight out of 10 and all they heard (on TV) was nasty comments from me. I said good things; I loved their dessert and it was the first time I'd ever eaten pate in my life.

"I was a bit naive really for somebody of my age. I didn't understand how they could cut and edit to make any character."

It has also been a steep learning curve for 32-year-old Corinne, an accountant who grew up in Blackall in Central Queensland and on the Sunshine Coast before moving to Cairns five years ago.

"At the beginning of the week I wasn't that happy with it," she said.

"It is what it is; you just have to laugh about it.

"It's got to provide some sort of entertainment value doesn't it?"

But David reckons he and Corinne, his girlfriend of two years, could have been portrayed much worse during their disastrous instant restaurant last weekend.

"I think we got let off lightly on that occasion. Seriously, that was a bit of a disaster," he said.

Corinne revealed that not all of their kitchen dramas were shown.

"The fridge broke down as well, so the pasta dough we made didn't cool," she said.

"You guys didn't see that.

David and Corinne try to fix their angel hair pasta.
David and Corinne try to fix their angel hair pasta. Andrew Watson

"I've watched every single series and every year I yell at the TV 'why haven't you tried this?' but I don't think anyone can understand the tremendous pressure you've got until you do it. There are cameras and producers and 10 people coming around who are super critical."

They hope viewers will go easy on Perth mates Jess and Felix, who look set to have dramas when they host their instant restaurant tomorrow night.

"She comes out (on TV) like the massive villain," Corinne said.

"She is the loveliest girl you could ever meet; she's little miss positive. The thing about Jess is everything she said on TV she said to someone's face but it's not malicious. They've really portrayed her not the way that she is; she's the most generous, loving type person."

Tomorrow night's episode will also see the introduction of the three new gatecrasher teams.

My Kitchen Rules airs tomorrow at 6.30pm on Seven.

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