Darling Downs father used fake identity to harass girls

A DARLING Downs builder and father-of-two stole the identity of a young university student to strike up relationships with at least 20 underage girls and young women online.

Dalby's Stephen John Grott, 46, used university student Jayke Williams' name and photograph to menace his young victims, according to Channel Nine's Inside Story last night.

Mr Grott was sent to jail for three years for stalking Queensland Firebirds netball Romelda Aiken and Dalby teen Elisha  Johnston.

He will be eligible for parole in January next year.

Mr Grott told police that his online actions were never intended to cause harm, but were instead aimed at investigating the people of Dalby and whether they were "giving my daughters a hard time or not".

But his threatening and menacing actions left a slew of teenage girls traumatised.

Ms Johnston was in Year 10 at Dalby State High School when she and Mr Grott first communicated.

He eventually convinced her to send him photos of a sexual nature.

When Ms Johnston started dating someone else, Mr Grott sent crude emails to her school principal and a USB containing naked photos to her uncle.

Ms Johnston told Inside Story that she only found the courage to go to police after four years when Aiken went public.
She said Mr Grott made her fall in love with him.

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