CSG ruling ignores real farmers

PREMIER O'Farrell stated that a two-kilometre radius around every town would be free of CSG mining. Also wineries and horse studs!

Does that mean grog and gambling are exempt (wine and horse racing)?

What about dairy, cattle, sheep, grain, fruit and sugar, etcetera? Are they all second-rate?

Same as farmers and families who live on the land.

Their lives not as important as city folk? O'Farrell has done a "flip" on this legislation, but once coal seam gas has been fracked, there's no turning back. You can't change your mind.

Methane and chemicals pervade the earth forever.

We can't stop it, as evidence throughout the world has proven.

So Mr O'Farrell, why not hook the continent of Australia onto a gas tanker and tow the whole country to China.

Bett Taylor


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