Young lovers Katie Erin and Mathew Herne
Young lovers Katie Erin and Mathew Herne

Cruise dating revs up game of love

IPSWICH car-lovers can spend Valentine's Day cruising with their loved ones and much-loved vehicles at Queensland Raceway.

Lonely hearts are also welcome to the romantic sunset event, where they can meet other singles with a similar automotive passion.

Romance at the Racetrack is the first event of its kind to be offered on Valentine's Day in Ipswich.

It was the bright idea of Queensland Raceways' Lara Wilde and her friend.

"I was talking to a girlfriend of mine, and she said she was planning on spending Valentine's Day with her 1970s Cougar that she recently bought," Ms Wilde said.

"I realised that's how a lot of cars fans think - I know I wouldn't mind spend it with my Chevy - and the event came together from there."

Ms Wilde said the event was for all adults who were into cars, whether they were single or taken.

"You can cruise with your partner and spend a romantic evening together, or if you're single we give you a different coloured armband and you can have a look around at the cars, and if you see one you like it's a great starting point to strike up a conversation," Ms Wilde said.

"The idea is if you're single you can forget speed dating and try cruise dating here at the track.

"Often it's hard for car lovers to find someone who understands their passion."

Romance at the Racetrack will run from 5pm on February 14 and tickets must be booked in advance.

The event welcomes couples and singles to bring their cars or motorbikes, with a motorbike cruise subject to turn-out.

The $30 entry price includes a hot dinner, a cold drink and 90 minutes of on-track cruising time.

Phone Queensland Raceway on 1800 722 377 to buy tickets.

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