OPINION: Councillor is not supporting Ipswich

LET me say from the start I like the cut of Cr Andrew Antoniolli.

I mightn't agree with him on certain matters, but he is a dedicated hard-working councillor.

We have had our debates and I have always respected his opinions, even if I didn't agree with them. I believe he has also respected my views.


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That said there will be times when I will totally disagree with him and here is one.

His stance to talk down the opportunity to get a $12 million new greyhound facility in Ipswich is way off the mark.

Over the past few weeks he has had his say about why he disagrees with pushing ahead for the track so now it is my turn.

Yes, we are all appalled by the recent distressing publicity concerning animal cruelty at greyhound training tracks.

My father had greyhounds and the same thing was happening back then 50 years ago.

It doesn't make it right and I agree the time for the practice to be banned is many years overdue.

That said talking down the opportunity to bring a modern greyhound racing centre to Ipswich is beyond belief.


A brilliant new greyhound track and associated facilities would be a huge boost for the region.

It's the battlers sport and let's face it, battlers make up the majority of Ipswich's population.

Logan is turning its back on its chance to have the greyhound facility built and its time for us to grab this once in a lifetime chance.

Our councillors should be supporting anything and everything that brings benefits to this community. It's time for Andrew to get on board.

If he doesn't want to support the sport he should at least go out to the track and take down his sign that overlooks the track.

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