Convictions stand for sexual predator stepdad

A LISMORE man who sexually abused his stepdaughter and step-granddaughter will remain behind bars after a failed appeal to have his sentence quashed.

The man faced Lismore Local Court in 2013 over four counts of aggravated indecency against his 11-year-old stepdaughter and step-granddaughter, 10.

During cross-examination, the young girls faced suggestions they had lied about the abuse because the man's relationship with his wife - their mother and grandmother - had broken down and there were financial issues.

The court rejected the suggestions and found him guilty on all four counts, one of which was later quashed after he provided an alibi during an appeal.

He then sought to have the remaining three convictions overturned.

NSW Court of Appeal Justice Ronald Sackville rejected claims the District Court judge had overlooked an argument about the sexual predator's "demeanour" in court, because he failed to mention it in his findings.

"In my view, the District Court Judge did not overlook or fail to consider the argument identified..." Justice Sackville said.

"Whether his Honour was correct in rejecting the argument is not a matter that arises on the present application."

The appeal was rejected.


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