Lismore council takes aim at skateboards, scooters, bikes

SKATEBOARDS, scooters and bikes are apparently terrorising the elderly and knocking busy shoppers over in Lismore's CBD.

Lismore Council has been investigating ways of addressing the issue and is considering signage, education or a combination of both.

Council's head ranger, Jodi Hinds has identified some vertical signs used by Manly Council that could be installed around the CBD.

The signs would include the Come to the Heart branding and green circles indicating that dogs must be kept on leads and skateboards, scooters and bikes must be carried within the designated areas.

It would also include red circles with a line through, indicating no smoking, no drinking, no bikes, scooters or skateboards and a range of other restrictions.

Cr Vanessa Ekins suggested the signs looked like they were encouraging people to come to the heart, but then saying they couldn't do anything once they got there.

She argued that skateboards, bikes and scooters were "a legitimate form of transport for young people" and that the council should send Mr Hinds out to local high schools to give a presentation about dismounting when in the CBD.

"We are not providing young people with a safe way to travel on bikes and skateboards, and until we do, we shouldn't be saying 'no you can't do it.' We need to educate them about protocols," Cr Ekins said.

Cr Simon Clough said there was no funding allocated for the signs and limited staff to enforce the regulations.

"It would be largely self enforcing, so it doesn't seem like it's going to make much difference.

"I think the high school option would be low cost and could be high impact with no expenditure."

Manager of development and compliance, Peter Jeuken said if there was signage, parking officers could point to it.

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