Sophie Moeller
Sophie Moeller Contributed

Commission into aged care raises questions of mortality

WITH the advent of the Royal Commission into Aged Care and Seniors Week, I have been thinking about the rights of the elderly.

A close relative has recently gone into care and having hurt my knee I have had a look-see into what it is like to be incapacitated, without agency over my needs and reliant on others. At what stage do some families, and society, render your life unworthy of respect; like your use-by date is up and it's time to move over and make way for the next generation?

Or, if you won't move on, in some sad cases, lock you away and restrain you (physically and chemically).

Senior Rights Service advocate, Gerard Dunlop told me (see page 3) there was an 18 month wait for level 4 (high dependency) care for the aged right now. They are often offered level 2 but it doesn't meet the person's needs.

Very often these people were living in squalor and in "serious trouble”, he said.

"Let them live in dignity”, said Mr Dunlop.

Hopefully, the Royal Commission will come up with some recommendations as to how this can be better done.

Once an old person is no long independent, aged care, like child care, becomes a societal responsibility.

Old people might not be as cute as babies but they deserve to be loved all the same.

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