KEEPING HOUSE: Are we going overboard with cleaning?
KEEPING HOUSE: Are we going overboard with cleaning? xefstock

Coming clean on dirt

I TRY to maintain socially acceptable levels of cleanliness, I really do.

I keep my house clean, I bathe.

I wash my clothes and generally attempt to keep things relatively dirt free.

But is it enough?

Are my standards high enough?

If I look at the advertisements, I am nowhere near good enough because I am not religiously wiping everything down with anti-bacterial wipes.

I don't even have them in my house.

The widespread use of anti-bacterial wipes has me worried.

I am not convinced that we should be sanitising everything in sight.

At a party recently I watched a young mother feed her child, wiping the baby's face with an anti-bacterial wipe after every mouthful.

Poor little tacker I thought.

Won't the baby's food have a strange chemical residue?

The mother then wiped down all nearby surfaces, starting with the teat of the dummy and going onto the toys - basically anything near the baby.

There's a lot of debate about anti-bacterial wipes.

Too much disinfectant can cause its own problems (looking at you, Superbugs).

Triclosan, a key ingredient in the antibacterial soap used to found only in hospital settings.

Now it's in mattress pads, hand gels and chopping boards as part an industry driven fearful war against dreaded bacteria!

But what is this heavily promoted push to high levels of 'sanitation'?

If you look further into it you find many scientists will tell you soap and water are a good as ever.

There are many who believe exposure to living bacteria is healthy for us, builds immune systems.

Maybe I am an old fashioned gal.

The proverb "you have to eat a peck of dirt before you die” means you will endure some rough and unpleasant things in your life.

(And don't make a fuss about it, its part of life. Dirt/grit makes you stronger, just like friendly bacteria).

Some people, called geophages, eat dirt, clay or chalk, because they like it.

It's not to my taste but I did make mud pies as a child and was washed with soap and water.

I do work to beat back dust, animal hair and dirt but I can't claim to be 100% successful.

I confess that my home, my dearly loved, scuffed and well lived in home, is not sanitised and sparkly like the ads.

If you visit it is possible that there bacteria are skulking in corners, lurking... just waiting to pounce.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

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