Stressed pets like a safe bed in a storm.
Stressed pets like a safe bed in a storm. David Nielsen

Comfort your pets during storms

MOST pet owners are probably aware dogs can't stand thunderstorms, their strange behaviour as the clouds roll in giving away their fear and displeasure.

However, many pet owners might be unaware that such behaviour is common - almost all dogs hate thunderstorms.

The NSW Local Government Minister Don Page is using the peak thunderstorm period to urge dog owners to be aware of their pet's fear, and take care of them appropriately.

"It is important to understand that dogs acting strangely during thunder and lightning is not a singular occurrence, or something that only your family experiences - almost all pet owners will witness that strange behaviour and it is purely out of fear," said Mr Page, whose portfolio covers the Companion Animals Act.

"The summer holidays are a peak time for thunderstorms and, while they can fascinate us, many of our pets are not so fortunate and it is important we understand their fear and care for them appropriately.

"Dogs can harm themselves during storms, their fear causing them to do things that can place them in danger - pet owners should be aware of that and take necessary precautions.

"Bring your dog indoors during storms, ensure it is well sheltered if it is outside, and just provide a brief few moments of comfort to your pet when a storm rolls in."

For more information, visit the Division of Local Government website at and click the link on the homepage.

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