COUNTRY: Musician David Reeve is planning to release new songs shortly.
COUNTRY: Musician David Reeve is planning to release new songs shortly.

Comedy song says it's good to be alive today

IT's Good to be Alive Today is the latest song released by Lismore's David Reeve.

Mr Reeve has been writing songs, performing and recording since he was 8 years of age.

He plays guitar and keyboards, arranges and produces music.

His first success came in 1972 when he performed Ocean on New Faces with Raven, a four-piece female vocal backing group, and won the episode.

He also won the national television finals of New Faces in 1978 and the National Star Quest in 1980.

He was also a finalist in the 1978 Mike Walsh Show Yamaha Song Contest, with his co-written song There's Only One Way To Say Goodbye.

It's Good to Be Alive is now available free on YouTube and it's a toungue-in-cheek tune.

We sat for a chat with David Reeve about his latest release.

How long have you lived in the Northern Rivers?

Since 1979.

What motivated you to write It's Good To Be Alive Today and to shoot the music video?

I like a good laugh and that's why I wrote It's Good To Be Alive Today.

When I was growing up, people used to joke and say if you sang about your wife leaving you and your dog dying, you had the basis of a good Country song.

This led to the opening line about my wife leaving me and my dog dying.

Anyway, I started singing it at gigs and the more I sang it the more people laughed.

I was talking about it last year with an old mate, who's now my business partner and manager.

He thought that releasing a comedy song first up might be a bit different as there aren't a lot of comedy songs around.

We recorded the video in Melbourne with Michael Carpenter. He's brilliant, so good to work with.

At gigs, I introduce the song by saying 'if ever you're having a really, really bad day, spare a thought for this poor bloke.

Do you have any more comedy songs to release?

Not at this stage.

Our next release will be a bit of a contrast.

I want to show a bit of versatility as I write in so many different styles.

I'll be in Melbourne in December recording two new tracks and another video.

There should be a new single in late December or early January and an EP around March or April 2018.

Do you have any live performances coming up in the area?

Sadly, at this stage, no.

I've had to put my live performances on hold for the present time due to the recording and video commitments.

As I said I'll be in Melbourne and then Tamworth in January.

We'll try and organise some gigs in February.

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