SOCCER ICON: Craig Foster.

Come and play soccer with Craig Foster

ONE of Lismore's most popular exports, soccer icon Craig Foster, is coming home for a game of soccer, and anyone can join.

The former Kadina High School student, international footballer and current SBS sports analyst will return to record a promotional video for the new 2018 Lismore Prospectus.

The video will highlight the benefits of Lismore to prospective developers and government funding bodies.

The game will provide soccer enthusiasts of all ages the chance to play with one of Australia's best-known footballers.

Lismore Council's Tourism and Events Manager Mitch Lowe hopes that keen young boys and girls will come to the Quad for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

"Meeting an inspiring sportsperson like Craig, who grew up in Lismore and has gone on to play on the world stage, is a seminal experience that no young soccer enthusiast should miss. Register now and be part of the game,” he said.

Aspiring players can register for a spot in either the Craig Foster All Stars or the Lismore Brave Hearts before Friday, February 16.

Click here to register.

There will be eight players in each team, four Senior and four Junior on a rotating schedule.

All ages are welcome.

The game will be held on Monday, February 19, at 6pm, at The Quadrangle, 11 Rural St, Lismore.

Free water will be provided and further food and refreshments will be available for purchase on site.

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