Coast man's gun licence revoked after massive haul found

A SUNSHINE Coast man who had a cache of unregistered weapons will not get his gun licence back, after a tribunal ruled his "Christian values" were not valid reasons for the ban to be lifted.

Police found rifles, revolvers, shotguns and crossbows at his home in 2013, many of which were not licensed or stored properly, Fairfax reported.

The 29-year-old was found guilty of nine counts of unlawful weapon possession and fined $1200.

He then had his weapons licence revoked.

In a bid to get his licence back, the man appealed to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

The decision is published here

The tribunal heard the man, known as CAT, was a devout Christian with a passion for hunting. He acquired the unregistered guns from his best friend, a recreational hunter who passed away from terminal illness.

However the tribunal also heard that the man's ex-wife was "in fear" of him, that a loaded gun was found in his bedside drawer and that he allowed people without gun licences to fire his weapons on camping trips.

"During the course of the hearing, CAT admitted that he had frequently been on camping trips with friends, at which junctures he would assist other unlicensed persons in the shooting of weapons, for recreational purposes,'' the published finding said.

"In other words, persons who wished to shoot various weapons, but who did not possess the requisite licences, would do so with CAT watching vigil over them. CAT explained that he thought that this was permissible.

"At best this is naive, and at worst, reckless. It is, or should be, readily apparent that a weapon's licensing regime exists in Queensland to ensure that only licensed persons are able to use registered weapons, for the specific purpose that they are licenced for.

"Were it otherwise, it would be virtually impossible for the police to enforce the regime.

"Again, this suggests that CAT does not have the mature understanding of the responsibilities imposed on him by the Act, which is required to find him fit and proper.

"This does not mean that the Tribunal has found CAT is a bad person, or a person of general bad character. It has not."


On 17 November 2013, police executed a search warrant at what was then CAT's marital home. The search led to the seizure of a number of items, including a range of licensed and unlicensed weapons, by the police:

a) Circuit Judge black .22 Magnum rifle (revolver style) serial number
FU7596 (contained 9 rounds in stock) (registered) Cat A

b) Remington green with 2 stocks, torch and scope - serial number
RR25265B (registered) Cat B

c) Remington Khaki .308 bolt action with Trophy tactical scope - serial
number S6788540 (not registered) Cat B

d) Smith and Wesson black .38 revolver (located in bottom draw of beside
table) - serial number 872469 with black Plat A Tac holster (not
registered) Cat H

e) ROSSI brown stainless .38/57 magnum lever action rifle with black Tru
Glo scope - serial number SK127488 (not registered) Cat B

f) SMITH and WESSON black .32 calibre revolver (loaded with 3 rounds
in the 5 chamber drum) (located in bottom draw of beside table) - serial
number 272850 (not registered) Cat H

g) GAZELLE wooden stock 12 gauge 'side by side' shot gun - serial
number 02C2071 (registered) Cat A

h) CMC_HOWA model 1500 brown wooden stock .222 with black carry
case (bolt stored in case with rifle - located under bed) - serial number
R000153 (not registered) Cat B

i) Unknown brand dark wooden stock ('The Duck: with insignia of duck)
12 gauge single shot - serial number A32722 (registered) Cat A

j) (3 Lions or Puma symbols) timber wooden stock R.F.I. 1952 No. 1.
Mk.3 semi-automatic rifle with Tasco scope with bipod mounts - serial
number 10487 (located in bag under bed of spare room) - no bolt (not
registered) Cat B

k) Remington 12 gauge pump action shot gun - serial number 117382?V
(not registered) Cat C -

l) Remington field master model 572 wooden stock .22 pump action rifle
with a silencer - serial number 19020050 (not registered) Cat A

m) Silencer Cat R

n) Rifle Cat A

o) Unknown brand dark wooden stock military semi-automatic rifle -
serial number 1607380 - serial number 07380 - (not registered) Cat

p) Puma rifles model Hunter black .22 bolt action rifle with Tasco scope
- serial number 1231207 (no bolt) (threaded for a silencer) (registered)
Cat A

q) Puma rifles model Hunter black .22 bolt action rifle with Tasco scope
- serial number 1230951 (no bolt) (threaded for a silencer) (registered)
Cat A

r) Stirling model 14P black .22 bolt action rifle with Tasco scope - serial
number filed off (not registered) Cat A

s) Stirling Model 15 brown wooden stock .22 bolt action rifle - serial
number A-011462 (not registered) Cat A

t) Winchester wooden stock lever action rifle - serial number 475115
(not registered) Cat B (if centre fire)

u) Norinco SKS wooden stock semi-automatic rifle with bayonet and sling
- serial number on barrel 8819934 - serial number on slide 19934 (not
registered) Cat D

v) IAC Billerica 12 gauge lever action shot gun - serial number D0900565
(registered) Cat A

w) Puma rifles model Hunter black .22 bolt action rifle (no bolt) (threaded
for silencer) - serial number 1231246 (registered) Cat A

x) Winchester wooden stock .32 lever action rifle - serial number (not
readable) (not registered) Cat B

y) Air rifle wooden stock - serial number A002302 (not registered) Cat

z) Air rifle wooden stock in parts - serial N/A (not registered) Cat A

aa) Sportco model 73 brown timber stock .22 semi-automatic rifle (no
magazine) - serial number BA675 (not registered) Cat C

bb) 4 x Crossbows and associated parts and arrows in a large green bag
Cat M

cc) Large quantity of ammunition stored within safe in garage

dd) Large quantity of ammunition stored in green metal box stored in

ee) Hoyt army camouflage coloured compound bow and 5 V-Force arrows
in black case

ff) 3 compound bows in black vinyl case

gg) Composite grey coloured rifle stock

hh) Box containing silica gel

ii) 2 x cloth gun bags and one cream cloth

jj) 1 x brown handle pocket knife

kk) 1 x stainless steel knife

ll) 4 x stainless steel knives

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