Coraki Golf Club treasurer Ray Hunt shows the double bars on the windows after numerous break-ins at the club.
Coraki Golf Club treasurer Ray Hunt shows the double bars on the windows after numerous break-ins at the club. Samantha Elley

Young thieves take tomahawk from car of golf club officer

AN AXE stolen from the boot of Tuckurimba resident Ray Hunt's car could have been involved in the kidnapping and robbery at Coraki Takeaway, police said.

Mr Hunt has been the treasurer at Coraki Golf Club for the past 41 years and it was there that he encountered two juveniles in the early hours one morning.

"I had come in at 4am on Saturday morning to take care of the takings from the night before," Mr Hunt said.

"I am a morning person and I like to work when no-one is around.

"I had locked myself in the club and these young fellas came to the door with cigarette lighters looking in."

Mr Hunt said that as the pair began to get aggressive, he raced to the phone to call 000.

"When I came back they had gotten my car door opened and popped the boot where they found my tomahawk," he said.

"My wife of 30 years had packed a tomahawk, matches and bits of wood in case of an emergency many years ago and that's where they stayed."

Sgt Dean Childs, of Coraki police, said there was no link yet that proved Mr Hunt's tomahawk had been used in the takeaway robbery.

"The possibility it's the same axe is being investigated by detectives," he said.

The golf club, nearly 90 years old, has seen its fair share of break-ins and as a result has been secured with double bars on all its windows and doors.

"In the last few years we've seen about 20 break-ins," Mr Hunt said.

"One time they climbed through the roof and another time they found a weakness in a brick wall and pulled the bricks out."

While the club is insured, Mr Hunt said there were excess payments to make in the case of claims, and also the increase in premiums.

"One thing is for sure, I'll only be working daylight hours from now on," he said.

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