There are some simple ways to climb above other job seekers.
There are some simple ways to climb above other job seekers. Jacob Wackerhausen

Climb above the employment pack

HOW do you separate yourself from the pack in a tough and competitive job market?

Depending on your industry of choice, you could be facing tighter competition when looking to make your next career move.

You need something extra particularly as most of your rivals have the same technical skills. If all the candidates are offering approximately the same skills, what is your point of difference to make the employer choose you?

Employability skills are the key, according to Kevin Ayre CEO, Sarina Russo Job Access.

Mr Ayre said employability skills are over and above technical skills required to do the job.

They are skills which allows people to do their jobs well under all circumstances - the right attitude, energy and urgency.

"There are eight key employability skills that jobseekers must be mindful of in their phone calls, cover letters, job applications and interviews," Mr Ayre said.

1. Communication - Develop a customer-focused attitude.

2. Teamwork - Ability to build relationships with others.

3. Problem solving - Think outside the box when solving a problem.

4. Initiative - Can-do skills and a will-do attitude.

5. Planning and organisation - Do ordinary tasks extraordinarily well.

6. Self-management - Take ownership of your tasks.

7. Learning - Search out training in the skills and tools you need to do the job well.

8. Technology - Don't fight change. Embrace it and use it.

Mr Ayre said you need to work on yourself to become an above-average person.

"Develop an above-average handshake, an above-average smile, above-average skills, above-average passion and an above-average walk," he said.

"As soon as you start demonstrating your employability skills you'll be well on the way to getting that job."

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