Climatologist: Get ready for a hot and stormy summer

WORLD-renowned climatologist Professor Roger Stone said it will be a mixed bag in relation to weather across regional and coastal areas throughout the first three months of the new year.

Professor Stone said on Friday this year saw a return to historical weather patterns, but warned people not to become complacent.

It will not be music to the ears of farmers across Queensland and New South Wales who have already experienced a hotter than average start to summer with dry conditions expected to continue into the new year.

"It will definitely be a hot and stormy summer across Queensland," he said.

"Overall though it has been a very common climate year across the state.

"There was nothing remarkable about it really.

"If anything there has been a return to weather patterns that are synonymous with Queensland."

Professor Stone said it was doubtful that either state would experience severe weather events in the first half of the new year like the previous three years that saw extensive flooding across large sections of Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

"It is definitely not going to be a big La Nina summer like 2010," he said.

"The cause of the winter dry this year has now gone, which will lead to an average summer in terms of rainfall.

"There will be periods of rain relief for farmers and graziers throughout summer, but nothing that should cause alarm.

Professor Stone said farmers and graziers should prepare themselves for a return to harsh conditions from the middle of the year.

"What is of interest is from winter 2014 the outlook is very worrisome," he said.

"Early indications suggest it will be a very, very dry winter and those conditions will continue until the end of the year.

"It is too early to say though if it will be a return to drought-like conditions."

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