ALTHOUGH it may appear that Cheryl Muller is a cheapskate, she is actually just very aware of being frugal with her spending money.

Over the years, the Toowoomba grandmother has come up with many ways to make her hard-earned cash go further.

She shared her cost-saving secrets with The Chronicle as part of our new Costbuster series.

Ms Muller has it covered from ways to save on entertainment and holidays to fuel and food.

She said it was easy to save thousands of dollars a year.

"Saving money isn't about buying the cheap brands, it is about saving money on good quality products," Ms Muller said.

"Food and household supplies are one of the biggest costs for families. I read the junk mail, particularly Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA to check out their weekly specials.

Cheryl Muller gives her money managing tips for getting value for money.
Cheryl Muller gives her money managing tips for getting value for money. Bev Lacey

"There are always half-price items advertised which are quite often every day products that every family requires. I stock up on the half-price items so I never have to pay full price.

"Another bonus of shopping at Coles and Woolworths is you get a discount on your fuel," she said.

She also suggests growing your own fruit and vegetables because it requires little maintenance but is a big money saver.

Ms Muller makes sure she still enjoys herself and takes her granddaughter out to different activities on the holidays.

She said there were plenty of ways to save on entertainment.

"When going out for dinner, you can select a venue that has discount meals," Ms Muller said.

"If there is a movie you really want to see, go on cheap Tuesday.

"You can also use shop-a-dockets to save money on pizza, burgers or bowling which is fun for the children," she said.

Ms Muller said it was important not to buy on impulse.

"Before purchasing something ask yourself, do I really need this rather than want it and can it be done without?" Ms Muller said.

"While sales are good for saving on things you may need, they are not beneficial if you are buying something just because it is cheap. Do not buy on impulse," she said.

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