Chainsaw injury for possum

IN RECOVERY: This tiny Ringtail Possum had an encounter with a chainsaw.
IN RECOVERY: This tiny Ringtail Possum had an encounter with a chainsaw.

ABOUT two weeks ago, a young male ringtail possum came into WIRES care.

He was accidentally cut by a chainsaw. Considering the possum himself is only 10cm long, the 4cm gash on his back is a very serious one.

A local veterinarian performed surgery immediately to stitch the little guy back together. Meanwhile, WIRES had to locate an appropriately-sized cage and find a volunteer to collect him from the vet. Following surgery, he was delivered into the hands of a WIRES carer and put on a regime of painkillers and antibiotics.

His carer is tending to his sutures, making sure they do not rupture. The daily care routine includes feeding him a balanced diet appropriate for his species and putting healing honey on his wound. To date he is doing very well. The carer reports that he is very feisty and a real survivor. Hopes are high for his full recovery and return to the wild.

In our region, possums are the most common animals found looking in our roof spaces for winter shelter. Remember that you can arrange for a nesting box to encourage a possum to move out of the house. Or you can build your own. WIRES can help with specific advice about boxes and also advise how to keep possums out of your home.

Contact WIRES for wildlife rescues, advice or inquiries on our 24-hour Hotline - 6628 1898.  ​

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