THREATENED: A rose-crowned fruit dove.
THREATENED: A rose-crowned fruit dove. Sharon McGrigor

Camphor Laurel loss threatens fruit dove

AFTER a call to pick up a young green bird with golden-tipped wings, WIRES identified a rose-crowned fruit dove.

The rose-crowned fruit dove is listed as vulnerable in NSW due to habitat loss from the clearing of rainforest and the removal of camphor laurel trees. The camphor laurel is an introduced tree that has become a vital food source when alternative native fruit trees are not available.

The dove usually lays a single egg in a frail nest woven from twigs and vines. These birds do not leave the nest before they can fly, so if they are found sitting on the ground and can be easily caught then they have to come in to care. They require specialised feeding, as they do not gape but feed straight from the parents' crop.

It was decided to leave the bird overnight in the care of the member of the public so that an attempt to reunite the dove with its family could be made the next morning.

No feeding was required, just clean water.

The following morning, she was able to release the bird where it was found. It was apparently capable of flight after all.

Sometimes, conditions are right for a member of the public to be involved in some care or the reuniting or release of wildlife.

If you are lucky enough to experience this, it is very satisfying.

Contact WIRES for rescues, advice or enquiries. The 24-hour hotline is for all calls to WIRES in the Northern Rivers - 6628 1898.

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