Byron Shire's own Greek poet is back

INSPIRED: Byron Shire spoken word and hip-hop artist Luka Lesson has a new release.
INSPIRED: Byron Shire spoken word and hip-hop artist Luka Lesson has a new release. Michell Grace Hunder

LIVING Artefact is the latest single by Byron Shire hip hop and spoken work artist Luka Lesson.

The song is a collaboration with The Medics' lead singer Kahl Wallis.

Lesson said it is a music release with spoken word elements.

"The definition of poetry and hip hop and music and spoken word are blurred, so in this case we are calling it a music release, but for me there is a poetic undercurrent to everything I do," he said.

"The story behind this piece is that a lot of us look back on ancient culture and feel like it's somehow static and belongs behind glass in a museum, when actually we can link the dots in our lineages and genealogy and we are living examples of that same artefact, of that same ancient history.

"We are living artefacts and we can embody that greatness and that history with everything we do," he added.


Byron Shire spoken word and hip-hop artist Luka Lesson.
Byron Shire spoken word and hip-hop artist Luka Lesson. Michell Grace Hunder

Lesson said there is no reason why Australians of any origin cannot feel that way.

"A colonial nation, in general, can only see as far back as the entry point into that land, in Australia's case, around 230 years, and often that means they leave behind thousands of years of culture and history," he said.

"Issues of sustainability and of caring for the natural landscape go out the window when we can't see back or forward too far.

"In Australia we have one of the older living cultures in the world, so there is no excuse, which is why I brought Kahl Wallis on board.

"(He is) an Aboriginal man with a beautiful voice and great connection to his history."

Lesson said the show will include a drummer and a jazz singer, allowing the event to include a capella, spoken word, jazz songs and hip hop.

"That's just my show, which is very diverse and eclectic, and then Kahl is a singer songwriter, so he is on stage with a guitar and a stomp box and he just steals the room, because his soul, his energy and his voice are incredible."

Workshop in Lismore

Luka Lesson will present a poetry workshop in partnership with Work-Shop, 1 Norris St,  Lismore, on Saturday, October 7, from 11am to 2pm .

Fresh from delivering the Rhodes Poetry Retreat, an international program for the development of poets and their careers held on the island of Rhodes in Greece, Luka Lesson brings the core elements of this program to a special intensive held in conjunction with his national Living Artefact tour.  

From burgeoning poets through to experienced writers and performers, Luka Lesson's exercises, advice and insights offer a unique opportunity for creatives to learn more about the the intricacies of the chosen art form.  

The workshops will offer writing and creativity development, performance craft and insight into different career trajectories.  

Click here for more info and tickets. 

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