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Bush survivor Luke Shambrook enjoys late Easter after ordeal

THE parents of a boy who went missing in dense Victorian bushland over Easter say his recovery is going well and he's asking for chocolate Easter eggs.  

"Today was the first Easter egg because he missed Easter entirely," said Luke's mother Rachel Shambrook.  

"He was dehydrated, and for so long, we are conscious of getting him back onto food slowly. He had a little bit of Weet-Bix this morning."  

Luke Shambrook went missing on Good Friday from the Candlebark campground near Lake Eildon.  

He is still recovering in the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne where he was admitted on Tuesday.  

Mrs Shambrook says she's not sure whether or not Luke's autism aided his survival in the bush, alone for four nights.   

"Luke is very much what I guess you would call, in the passive part of the spectrum. That I guess, attributes to his more relaxed cruisy approach to life in general.   

"I guess what we thought about and talked amongst ourselves, the fact that he doesn't panic."  

The family also thanked the police, SES and the community of Eildon in Central Victoria for their support and help during the search.  

They say they haven't been able to put together the pieces of what happened while their son was lost.   

"I suppose one thing in his favour is he has been going there ever since less than one-year-old, every year," said Luke's father Tim Shambrook.   

"He has a real sense of belonging there, and I guess that gave him lots of confidence," agreed Mrs Shambrook.  

"How he survived, I guess really it's between people's prayers... sometimes we don't give our kids enough credit for their resilience, but he sure showed us."    

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