AFTER only three months on bookstore shelves, Bundaberg author Cheryse Durrant is already making waves in the literary world, being shortlisted for awards alongside New York Times bestselling authors.

Cheryse, better known in Bundaberg as Cherie Curtis, was stoked to learn on Monday that her debut novel, The Blood She Betrayed, had been shortlisted in the top ten for the Australian Romance Readers Awards in the category of Favourite Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance.

Mrs Curtis said it was an honour to be shortlisted alongside the likes of New York Times bestselling authors Kylie Griffin and Erica Hayes.

"I just thought, 'oh my gosh, people actually voted for my book'," she said.

"I'm also a little chuffed because I'm an unknown author and The Blood She Betrayed is my debut novel and was only released in October.

"It's awesome that readers have discovered and loved my book within this short timeframe."

The announcement of her shortlisting came shortly after she found out that the book had also been nominated for the Aurealis Awards, Australia's premiere speculative fiction awards, in both the Fantasy and Young Adult categories.

"It's all so exciting," she said.

"My mum was stunned that I'd been shortlisted in a romance readers award because my book encompasses various genres but it does have a strong romance (theme)."

The book has done so well that her publishers, Clan Destine Press, have ordered a second print run to keep up with the demand.

"This is the first time the Clan Destine Press has run out of copies of a book," she said,

"The whole process has been really cool.

"It's amazing to have people wanting to be photographed with me and my book."

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