Winter Rose
Winter Rose

Brighten up the garden in winter with these stunners

HELLEBORES (Winter Rose) is a classic garden favourite that, in winter, reminds us that spring is just around the corner. Belonging to the large genus Helleborus, it is part of the larger buttercup family - Ranunculaceae, and they are native to regions of Europe and Asia.

If you are looking for a tough, flowering shrub for a shady area, these are for you.

Hellebores are perennials and largely evergreen with strong, leathery leaves, which provides a steady foundation throughout the year for shade garden displays.

Flowers which end the bleakness of winter early can be found in a host of colours ranging from apricot, yellows and greens through to soft and deep shades of pink, maroon and even deep, dark plums or slate greys and, of course, cream to crisp whites.

In addition, petals may be spotted or picoteed (narrow band of colour on edge of petals) whilst others may feature double petals for a ruffled, romantic appearance.


Ivory Prince

Elegant ivory flowers with a hint of pink on outer petals.

Flowers from mid-winter through to spring. Up to 200 flower stems on a mature plant.

It is a vigorous grower with tidy habit and hardy, evergreen foliage. Ideal for low light areas and winter colour.

Winter Sunshine

Delicate pink buds that open to gorgeous cream blooms and, as they mature, turn to an exquisite pink-red.

Beautiful dark green serrated leaves in the warmer months turning to silver in autumn and winter.


Large flowers feature elegant, ruffled centres with pale pink-flecked petals.

It is a vigorous grower with tidy habit and hardy, evergreen foliage.


Hellebores have medium water requirements and once established are quite dry tolerant, requiring only an occasional long soak during extended periods of heat.

Will tolerate a variety of soil types but must be well drained.

No pruning generally required other than to tidy up old flower stems or leaves.

Feed in late autumn with a slow release fertiliser for best results. Fertilise more often if grown in containers.


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