EPIC PADDLE: Dr Tony Miller-Greenman and Michael Leith have the finish line in sight after arriving in Coffs today.
EPIC PADDLE: Dr Tony Miller-Greenman and Michael Leith have the finish line in sight after arriving in Coffs today. Rob Wright

Bondi Beach is within reach for paddling doctors

THE path to enlightenment is usually a hard road to take, but for two medical professionals who are dedicated to the condition of men's mental health, it will be the ocean that takes them to their destination.

Medical practitioner Tony Miller-Greenman and student Michael Leith have taken it upon themselves to stand-up paddle board from Brisbane, all the way to Bondi Beach in an effort to raise awareness about men's physical and mental health.

The pair has endeavoured to raise $20,000 for Beyond Blue during their journey and is passionate about the cause.

"The only goal of the Big Blue Paddle is to shine a light on the importance of regular exercise and a healthy diet and how this can drastically change people's health," Dr Miller-Greenman said.

Dr Greenman also called for people to look to them for an example on how to live one's life.

"I know if I get up that little bit earlier and have a surf or run or a paddle, it changes my whole perspective on the day. I just have a better attitude about everything I do - that positivity and flow-on effect enhances how I work as a professional and as a person," Dr Greenman said.

According to Beyond Blue, three million Australians are living with depression or anxiety and that almost one out of two people experience it sometime in their life. Leith said that the correct ingredients would ensure success.

"You don't have a magic fix for them, there is no one tablet, but with a multi-system approach that includes diet, exercise and changing their mindset, there is hope.

"What started out as an open ocean endurance challenge for Tony and I, has now snowballed into a fighting paddle for health and we want Australia to join in," Mr Leith said.

Mr Leith said that it wasn't just the winds that were of concern to them.

"Only one (shark sighting) so far, which was a hammerhead. We are using the shark mitigation system. Fingers crossed it works," he said.

"We have encountered howling headwinds and opposing tidal movements, which makes headway quite challenging".

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