Blunt impro delivers

Title: Your Sister's Sister

Director: Lynn Shelton

Rated: M

ENGLISH actress Emily Blunt has been popping up in a number of well chosen roles in recent films. Her stunning turn in the newly released sci-fi drama Looper is matched by impressive performances in a number of quite diverse movies: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, The Adjustment Bureau, The Muppets and The Five-Year Engagement. In Your Sister's Sister Blunt gets to work in a highly improvised scenario in what is basically a three-hander film.

Your Sister's Sister is made by the indie American actor/writer/editor/

director/producer Lynn Shelton (Humpday, 2009) who previously directed Emily Blunt in her first well known role in My Summer of Love (2004). The low-budget film was shot in a whirlwind two-week period with Shelton apparently utilising an absolute bare bones minimal script, and relying on the lead actors to flesh out scenes of largely improvised dialogue to such an extent that the three leads are listed as "creative consultants" in the credits.

At a memorial party a year after his brother's death, an emotionally struggling Jack (Mark Duplass) lets loose on the "other" side of his brother's character. Jack's friend, his brother's former girlfriend, Iris (Blunt) suggests that Jack should take some "time out" alone at her family's holiday home on an island off Washington state. But on arrival Jack finds Iris's half-sister Hannah (Rosemary Dewitt) in residence recovering from the break-up of a seven-year lesbian relationship.

One thing leads to another, and a wonderfully enacted scene involving a bottle of tequila sees the unlikely pair in bed together before Iris's unexpected arrival early the next morning.

What follows is a fascinating sort of a love triangle with the trio of Generation X characters trying to make sense of, and work out, the tangle of their complicated personalities and relationships. The film is an edgy mix of romantic comedy and drama with elements of farce blurring into near tragedy as the complex relationship of the sisters gets messed around with the confused feelings of the vulnerable and evasive Jack.

The three players work so well together in this tight improvised environment, portraying an awkwardness that is both poignant and honest, while also being insightful and engaging dealing with grief and uncertainties.








Your Sister's Sister will screen at the Star Court Theatre in Lismore, this Friday, October 12, at 7.30pm; and this Sunday, October 21, at 5.30pm; and at Bush Theatre in Nimbin this Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13, at 7.30pm.

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