Bingo to save the trees

Nimbin Environmental Media Office (NEMO) and the Rainforest Information Centre (RIC) are putting on a bingo fundraiser at the Nimbin Town Hall (NTH) to support four protestors (FP) who are being sued by those mega tree-killers, Gunns (MTKG). Apparently these protestors were trying to protect the planet!?! Misfits.

The gig is on this Saturday, January 16, with a book stall set up outside the hall from 10am to 3pm.

The evening fun and games start at 7pm and entry is a mere $5. Each bingo game will cost you $2.

But it’s not all bingo and good causes.

Being Nimbin there’s plenty of diverse and colourful entertainment with music, theatre, film and poetry.

There’ll be music by Doug and Biskit (pictured), Jarrahhuman, and Healing Earth; theatre by Heidi, Lazuli and Sue Herd; poetry by Gail M, Len Martin and Jane Treasure; plus films screened on the deck.

In late 2004, the logging company Gunns issued a writ to 20 environmental citizens and organisations. Gunns were suing for $6.9 million in damages to their business by these thoughtless green criminals who recklessly put the environment’s health above shareholder wealth. Since then the 20 has been reduced to four. These four need money to fight money.

All monies raised by the fundraiser will go to the protestors.

Sounds like a fun Nimbin night.

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