There will be buckets of fun at the Lismore Memorial Baths after the Walk Against Warming on December 12.
There will be buckets of fun at the Lismore Memorial Baths after the Walk Against Warming on December 12.

Be cool and walk against warming

With free entry to the pool to keep cool, the Walk Against Warming this Saturday, December 12, is shaping up to be buckets of fun. As part of an international day of action you can have your say on climate change by joining the Lismore walk, which begins at 11am in Spinks Park.

“We’ll walk around the CBD and back to the Lismore Memorial Baths for a free BBQ and entertainment,” organiser Tamlin Mackenzie said.

The pool will be free to enter between 12pm and 2pm and there will be live music from The Closet Cowgirls, The Stovins, Mama LaLa, Perri Nicholson and other bands.

“December 12 is the midway point of the meeting of world leaders in Copenhagen to negotiate emission reductions,” Tamlin said. “While they talk the talk, we’ll be walking the walk. It’s important that we gather on this day to show our political leaders that Australians are deeply concerned about global warming and want strong and swift action to reduce emissions.”

With a family fun water-fight against warming planned during the party, participants are encouraged to bring along their water pistols.

“We don’t want to waste water, so we’ll use the pool water and keep it in the pool,” Tamlin said.

Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell will be at the party to make her statement about climate change. Sitting in a pool-side living room, complete with couch, TV and lampshade, the Mayor will symbolically dangle her feet in the water.

“This will symbolise the rising sea-level and how it will threaten our society if we don’t tackle the causes now,” Tamlin said. “We need to ensure a safe climate for future generations.”

Tamlin wants to encourage more young people to get active, have their say and join the walk.

“I feel disheartened about a generation of young people who are not active,” she said. “I’d like to get youth networks up and running again and engaged in community action. I think people see tragedy and think it’s too big to tackle and they feel disempowered and can’t see a positive way to make a difference. It’s so easy to do – you can make a difference and you should try.

“The Walk Against Warming provides a powerful voice for ordinary Australians to be counted on the most critical issue of our lifetimes – climate change.”

The Youth Environmental Society (YES) will be helping to organise the day and performers from Casino High School will be there to perform a song they have recently entered into a national song competition.

With global temperatures rising and future water supply becoming an important issue for Australia, Tamlin will bring along 20 plastic buckets to symbolise how much water one person uses on average every day.

“That’s 180 litres of water per day,” she said. “The 20 buckets symbolise how precious our water resource is. If we don’t get good emissions targets, we’ll have to be very frugal with our water usage in future.

“Climate change is real and we need to tell our leaders that they must ensure the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere are reduced to less than 350 parts per million.”

Tamlin asks people to wear sky blue as a show of community solidarity during the walk. For more information, contact Tamlin Mackenzie on 6688 6551 or 0405 350 211, or visit www.walkagainst

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