Bashing victim fights for his life

A 52-YEAR-old man is clinging to life after he was bashed in Casino early yesterday morning.

Police were notified shortly after midnight of an assault near a hotel in Barker St where they found a man lying unconscious on the road.

A second man, 38, was also found at the scene suffering facial injuries.

The unconscious man was taken to Gold Coast Hospital in a critical condition and placed on life support while the 38-year-old male, also believed to be an assault victim, was treated at Casino Hospital and released.

Duty Officer Matt Kehoe believed both men were victims of an unprovoked attack.

Early on Sunday morning, police were called to Lismore Base Hospital where another 52-year-old man had been admitted with minor injuries.

They suspected he was involved in the Barker St incident and a second assault on the same night.

"We believe another assault took place in or around Casino," Duty officer Matt Kehoe said.

"We have anecdotal evidence that suggests he may have been involved in both."

Police spoke with another man who was involved in the second incident and subsequently hospitalised.

However, he did not make a formal report.

Duty Officer Kehoe said the incidents at the weekend did not represent a general increase in assaults for Casino.

The 52-year-old man allegedly involved in both incidents was not charged.

However, police will interview him again soon.

Duty Officer Kehoe urged anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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