AWU’s war chest

I WAS startled to read that the Australian Workers Union, which came out last week pressuring the Federal Government to open Australia to the CSG industry, has a $5million war chest to use salaried employees to travel to key seats to campaign for Labour.

Page being a key seat, I have no doubts that the AWU has it in their sights.

I think it's only fair for Janelle Saffin to reveal whether she will accept help from the AWU's heavily financed 'flying squad'. Given that the AWU said on the weekend that it wants to use CSG as a 'feed stock' for Australian manufacturing as part of the Gillard Government's new manufacturing plan, she should absolutely reject this type of assistance and sever ties with the pro-CSG group.

Her government is now in too deep with the CSG Industry. Her environment minister approved 110 CSG wells with one stroke of his pen.

Her energy and resources minister wants to 'remove impediments' to the industry, and now the Union that has Gillard and Swan in its back pocket, wants to open up Australia to CSG.

Will Janelle Saffin now accept help from the organisation that is pushing the Gillard Government to expand CSG in Australia?

Given that her government is actively fast-tracking CSG and she refuses to guarantee to vote against her government, as a constituent I feel that indebting herself to the pro-CSG union would be the last straw.

Andrew Gordon

President, Ratepayers Association Lismore

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