Young Professionals’ founder Jordan Miller has been named in the top 30 of the AIM under-30 awards.
Young Professionals’ founder Jordan Miller has been named in the top 30 of the AIM under-30 awards. Lee Constable

Award tackles regional mining town perception

THE founder of one of Mackay's largest networking groups, Young Professionals, has received more than just a gold star for over achieving.

Jordan Miller has been selected and acknowledged as one of the nation's highest performing, and up-and-coming, leaders in the third annual AIM30 award.

He has been selected in the under 30 years, top 30 business professionals around the country, for his outstanding effort and impact on the community, after forming one of the region's most successful young professional networking groups.

"It's pretty awesome to be a part of," he said. "I was completely blown away when I heard word that I made it into the final list."

"Young Professionals started out in 2008 with a couple of us sitting at the pub together, having a drink, and now, we've grown to having over 600 members."

However, it's an expansion that continues to grow.

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Mr Miller said Mackay's Young Professionals continued to bring together and create social networking for like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals from a range of careers around the region.

It helps to develop skills and share contacts, he said.

"When I read through the background of the other 29 finalists, I was in awe of the skills of some people."

"There were some absolutely amazing business and community leaders.

"I was so privileged to be in their company."

Moreover, it was an award Mr Miller hopes will shine a spotlight onto the region.

"Getting this award, for me, wasn't just about myself," he said. "I think the greatest thing is about the awareness."

He would like to highlight some of Mackay's other "fantastic business talent", to be seen on the national stage as being a "serious business town".

"That's what I hope with this award," he said. "I think a lot of people in Queensland think that Queensland stops at the Sunshine Coast, and that there's nothing up north."

"We're not just a coal town; we're not just a bunch of ... people up here driving mining trucks.

"There are some absolutely amazing leaders in this town, and whether they are younger or older, there are some huge businesses here that are kicking goals around Australia and even overseas."

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