HELPING HAND: Paramedic Jay Kidd works to save the cat.
HELPING HAND: Paramedic Jay Kidd works to save the cat. Contributed

Firies and paramedic save cat from house blaze

A DECEPTION Bay paramedic will receive a Hero to Animals Award for successfully resuscitating a cat after it was pulled from a burning house.

Advanced care paramedic Jay Kidd was among the first on scene when a house on Bayview Tce at Deception Bay went up in flames early last month.

Mr Kidd said he rushed into the burning house after bystanders couldn't tell him whether anyone was inside.

"There was an 18-year-old kid who said 'there's nobody in here but I think there might be a cat'," he said.

Firefighters eventually retrieved the cat from the property, and Mr Kidd got to work.

"He (the cat) was pretty crook actually... he had quite extensive smoke inhalation, his paws and fur were burnt and he was frothing at the mouth a fair bit," he said.

Mr Kidd performed first aid on the animal, supplying it with oxygen and dripping water on its burns, for more than an hour.

"For the first hour I was a bit concerned, but he perked up," he said.

"I'm pretty sure he's all right now because someone got on Facebook saying thanks for saving our cat."

"I've got three rescued cats and two rescued dogs; anything to help anything that's in pain," he said.

The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) award recognises compassion and heroism shown to animals.

PETA Australia director of campaigns Jason Baker said the "compassion and heroism" shown by members of the Queensland Ambulance Service was an inspiration.

"Brisbane residents are very fortunate to have emergency service personnel who are ready to protect and serve both residents and their beloved animal companions,'' he said.

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