Artist in window of opportunity

ART AT HEART: Amanda Bromfield poses with her ceramic sculpture display now on show at the Carrington Street end of the Star Court Arcade.
ART AT HEART: Amanda Bromfield poses with her ceramic sculpture display now on show at the Carrington Street end of the Star Court Arcade.

LISMORE'S Star Court Arcade has been graced with the work of emerging ceramics artist Amanda Bromfield, a recent graduate of Lismore TAFE and now excited about her first public exhibition.

The Lennox Head mother of four is showcasing her works, a sculpted ceramic take on Marie Antoinette wearing decorative hooped dresses and elaborate wigs, under Lismore's Art In The Heart project's Window of Opportunity.

"They are a progression from a major work I completed at TAFE last year,"Amanda said.

"When I created it I didn't feel that I had a life at all and that everything was subsumed by the need to be the perfect mother. There seemed to be no room for me as an artist. Thankfully that situation has been reversed.

"I was able to travel to Paris with my husband recently and see all the galleries, buildings and museums I'd dreamed of visiting. This has obviously played a part in influencing my choice of subject matter with the ceramics I'm now exhibiting."

The four decorative figures dressed in Rococo period costume share a theme and message from the late 18th century that is relevant today, said Amanda, adding that in the time of Marie Antoinette, the upper and ruling classes squandered wealth while the poor shared none of it. Today, the same situation exists with the developed world wasting resources on frivolous consumer goods while the developing world struggles to feed itself.

"I see parallels all the time," she said. "This theme is all about who you are. Most people show the world a total façade like Marie Antoinette."

Her immediate goal is to succeed as a painter and sculptor. Despite the downsizing of the TAFE fine arts curriculum she hopes to continue studies.

"There is so much to learn," she said.

Art in the Heart volunteer Vivian Martin said the Window of Opportunity project successfully transformed vacant shop windows into attractive displays, benefiting the artist as well as the shopping district.

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